Tecknad svartvit hand som pekar på telfonskärm

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Get in touch with us about your question. We usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Ask a question

Get in touch with us about your question. We usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Manage cards


Open your iZwop card in Safari.
In the bottom middle of Safari you press on the square with an up arrow.

Scroll down to the option "Add to homescreen".

Give the card a name and press "Add".




Open your iZwop card in your browser.

Press the three dots menu.

Choose "Add to homescreen".


When the reciever has your card in their phone they press the "Add to contacts" button and your contact file will appear. After that it's as easy as saving the contact to your phonebook.

in iZwops web based tool there is a button named "View E-mail signature" for every card. There are the different options for adding your email signature. These instructions can easily be sent to all users with a digital business card.

Share card

iZwop is a completely web based solution that works without an app. This means you can share iZwop the same ways you share a link.


When you zwop you can choose to send the card as a link on any preferred platform e.g. SMS, E-mail, social media, AirDrop for iPhone and NFC for Android.


If the reciever is nearby they can scan your personal QR-code. 

To share your personal QR-code press the "Zwop" button down to the left on your card. Ask the reciever to scan the QR-code with their phone. The reciever will now get your digital business card on their phone and be able to save your contact details.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and works just like when you use your credit card to pay. Instead of paying you transfer your contact details to the recievers phone. Contact us if you want to order personalised NFC cards.

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