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iZwop is fast and easy sharing of all essential contact and company information in real time.

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Zwopping is the new way to share content rich business information in the most customized and flexible way. Make your company and employees stand out and take control of your business network.

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Easy setup

Easy and flexible to get started making your company stand out digitally.

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Create several templates and start building your employer branding. Everything is customizable.

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Rich content

Create a lasting first impression with videos, logos, colors, pictures and animations.

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See how easy it is to share and reshare your company and employees important information.

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Get control

iZwop is built for the future of networking giving you tools to manage all contacts, sharing and activation.

Make a powerful first impression

You are only one click away from getting started with iZwop. Please fill out the form and one of our experts will guide you on how your company can use iZwop.

Digital business cards make a big difference

8 million


We have the unique possibility together to make the planet a better place by using digital business cards. This saves around 8 million trees every year.

174 million


We can reduce 174 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year if all physical business cards would be exchanged with iZwop. Show your clients that you are a sustainable company who wants to make a difference.

10 billion

Printed business cards

10 billion printed business cards are printed each year and 88% of them are thrown away within a week. Your digital business card leaves no imprint on our world, but makes a powerful first impression for your business.

We are already changing the way we connect...


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